Friday, October 18, 2013

It's a lot of what you would think it is, not what it ever was...only more so!

It's a lot of what you would think it is, not what it ever was...only more so!
          That's right I'm feeling creative Party People! Hence the confusing idea that's used as bait to lure you all into thinking that I'm thinking deep! Before I go any further let me show you the inspiration to this artsy high I'm feeling :

           As I was listening to Steven Pressfield author of The War of Art I found myself hating the fact that I was driving a cab instead of sitting here at my computer writing (like I am right now). This pod is making me look at what forms of resistence I have in my life and now I'm formulating a plan on how to overcome them.
           Am example of resistance if distractions that keep me from writing on a daily basis. So perhaps I need to jump start my writing again by doing a daily blog? I've done 90 days of continuous writing, this should be no problem, right?
           I think a theme is needed for this upcoming project though. I've got it! I'll write a blog every morning for the next thirty days! Why morning time? Because I won't have been completely awake so the stream of conscious writing should be in full effect! Think of this as a workout rgiment for creativity, you're all welcome to join in the work if you like in the comment section, just copy and paste your own blog into the comments and let's see what we come up with! It doesn't have to make sense, hell we don't even have to read it after we're done! I think the writing alone is going to make this super special and 10 types of awesome!

Till Next Time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!

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