Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 3 Work

Morning Party People!
       Yesterday I made no money. GASP!
        That's right I didn't drive yesterday, this might bite me in the ass later in the week but for now I feel ok about it. I spent the day recording three episodes of the podcast. The first interview went a lot better than I expected it to. The second worked out like I thought it would and the third went deeper than I though t would.
        I'm not sure what to write next as I've yet to have any coffee this morning. I hate it when my brain gets stuck in 2nd gear >< Coffee should be done in a few minutes , wath once I start drinking it nothing on this page will change. POOF like magic, shit stays the same!
        So what's next for this week? Why the hell am I thinking that far off >< What's on the list for today? Today I'm hitting the road while running bits through my head occasionally writing them down. Perhaps my goal will be to write more ideas down so when I get home I can spend more time here working out the premises if you will!
        Not sure if this idea of writing as soon as I wake up is a good one....
        At least there's coffee, and at least I showed up to the keyboard, for now that's good enough, tomorrow I might expect more from me, for today I'm happy I'm here.
        Now how do I translate this effort into an exercise I can do?

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