Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 8/9 We all knew it would happen, one day missed.

Morning Party People!
            Ok I missed a day, there are now exuces to be made, one a refocusing on my original plan. To keep writing the moment I wake up, or in this case right before I pass out from exhaustion . I't 4:30 am and I've been driving all night. I had fun and I made a decent amount of cash, so nothing new to report there.
            While  was driving around a questrion came to me.Why do we hate the poor so much that we will take their food from them if the get high?
             Granted the thought of moeny going out to someone who is just getting high all day doesn't exactly envoke sympathy in me but I think this idea goes deeper than that.
             First off lets deal with the fact that weed is still considered a class 1 narcotic, meaning it has NO medicinal value whatsoever. We all know this is bullshit. Here in AZ we have medicinal marijuana to help treat people with chronic pain as soon as they cough up a shitload of cash. What you think it's free to be in pain?
            Lets assume that the prohibition on weed goes away, that seems to be the trend of thing from where I stand. So how would that effect the poor people and their food stamps? Are we still going to stick it to them if they smoke up? What about alcohol? What about psych-meds?
            Or how about we focus on why a fellow human who grows up in the same country, the same town, goes to the same school, feels its pointless to do anything?
           Granted I could go on and on about being born into poverty and the struggle of the 99% and all but that's not the basis of this question. The question is, why couldn't they do the same thing I did?

I've descovered that my fatigue says that this topic will be discussed at a further date.

Till next time
Keep on a Chooglin

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