Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 12: ok I lost count =P

Morning Party People!
            To start things off this morning let me disclose that I've been driving all night and the delirium is starting to take hold. I'm listening to John Denver on my headphones and I'm sure I'm going to get all weepy, that or hungry for an omelet.
             Open mic is getting better, had a lot of fun and the bit worked out about as well as I thought it would. Obviously it needs many rewrites but I'm happy to see some progress. This blog is starting to produce some results!
             Now the task is to keep this momentum going. I know I have a habit of coasting as soon as I think I'm doing something right. It's definitely true in the cab biz. One step at a time right?
             I'm feeling better, well maybe not better, I feel like I have a lot more clarity about whats going on in the life.
             One off the open mic gals at the club was selling photos of each comedian's set, of which I bought one. I think I'm starting to realize how tubby I really am. That's a good thing however. It's something that I need to see but haven't seen in quite sometime.
             I went for a walk yesterday, felt good to out in the world instead of living life through a cab windshield.
            I know I should write more but I'm starting to nod off, must be the Denver.

Till next time party people,
Keep on a Chooglin

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