Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 2 ok so now what do I talk about?

I've been up for about 30 minutes, I have my coffee mixed with mct oil and butter, here we go!

Morning Party People!
             Today was different when I woke up. Maybe it was seeing Jennie when I first woke up, or maybe it was the good night I had driving the cab, or it could be the four podcasts I'm set to record today. I think in the end it was that I have a bunch to lok forward to today...or maybe it's that today I'm not taking anything for granted, either I'm alive and I psyched to be in this dimension!
             That's right I said dimention! I mention that because last night I stopped by Stand Up Scottsdale to see some of my comedian peeps. I like doing that because 1. They're awesome to hang out with and 2. Seeing other people getting paid for what I want to be doing sets a subtle yet scorching flame under my nute to keep working.
             As I was walking up to te club last night I saw Jules (Not sure if I spelled his name right but lets go with this for now). I've met Jules at the open mic nights and the dude has always been super friendly. I hadn't seen him for a bit and asked him where he's been. His response was to the effect of "recovering rom a DMT trip from a few weeks past" I was instantly facinated.
             For those of you who don;t know DMT or    dimethyltryptamine is an intense psychedelic which Joe Rogan talks about all the time. Jules was willing to share his experience with me so I listened to his tale of how his ego broke down and how he saw the dimensions of the world we live in, all of it very fascinating. I'm curious about having an experience like that myself. I think it's the death of my ego that I would be looking forward to. With my luck I would see nothing but a vision of me running the floor of some diner at the age of 72, I'd have a heart attacke right in the middle of a Sunday brunch shift with only one server and no cook and a full house. That would be the ultimate hell to live and die in for me.
             I got to get ready for the day now, feel free to copy and paste your morning thoughts/muses/ shit you gotta spit!

Till next time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!

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