Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

                Yesterday was angry mom day at work, a day where nothing is good enough and where the activity of the day was spreading misery amongst as many service people as possible. Today is going to be better! There is only one Mom on the planet that I love , she means more to me than five of all of you. She is an inspiration and a testament to growth as a person and as a Mom. She is the only Mom I love....the rest of you bitches can get bent. Seriously the next lady who talks down to me or any of my co-workers like their less than human will get to watch me beat the shit out of their kids while they recoil in terror. I know that's harsh, you may wonder how I could be so mean, well I learned from the best, one of many reasons I love my mom so much grin emoticon Seriously , I have a book of matches and some lighter fluid and I will set this whole Mother's day on fire if I have to! In the meantime, listen to one of my crowning achievements in my life, not graduating from AMDA, not being on TV, but sitting down and recording a wonderful conversation with my Mom, Margarita Germain .