Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year New Goals

What's Shakin Party People!
            It's a brand new year in case you haven't been on the internet.  Some of you might say,"So what? Who cares?"
            I get it, for years that's how I felt about New Year's Eve. I didn't change for me until I got older. At my age now I feel like I don't have as many New Year's ahead of me than I do behind me. That's not to be melancholy, that's just being honest about how I feel. So being melancholy is only a small part of it.
            Last year I decided to break my 1995 resolution to not make any more resolutions. It was a tough choice for me at the time because I had a hell of a streak going. On the other hand I had never made a resolution to improve myself and when 2015 was looming around the corner I figured out not doing anything wasn't the best way to grow into who I wanted to be. I did great things be breaking that resolution. I got better in my stand-up and in doing so I got better at living my life. My relationship with Jennie has grown in ways that I never thought possible and as a result I'm finding a happiness that I never knew existed. The awesome part of it all is I know that this is only the beginning.
          So what's next for 2016?
          I'm going to put myself in uncomfortable situations this year. Way more than I did in 2015. As much as I hate feeling uncertain about any situation the only time I've grown as a person was by doing so. Ego has a way into telling me to play it safe, to go with what has worked in the past. I know it means well but last year I learned to move past that. So this year I will put myself in more situations that could end in rejection, I will hear "NO" more times this year than last. I will get on my showcases this year, I will be rejected by more showcases as well as crowds this year. I know it will hurt, but I know I will be better for it when all is said and done.
           When it comes to comedy I tend to play it safe way too much. There were bars and shows that I avoided last year, well I'm not going to do that this year. I got a taste of improvement last year and now I'm addicted son!
           I have a workout to do so I'm going to wrap this up, in closing (sets mic stand back center stage) thanks for everything everybody, and yes you in particular. I started this blog and my podcast in the hopes I might accidentally become a better person because of it and I can now see from where I started that it's finally happening, thanks for being a part of it!
           Till next time Party People,keep on a chooglin!