Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hypocrisy, Unfriending, and understanding the need for Evil..all in 48 Hours =D

What's shakin' Party People?

        I've never been a fan of cutting people out of one's life. I think it's something people do too quickly and I find it to be a horrible way to deal with one's problems. I think if that's a big tool in one's skill set, that it will lead to a life of being a weird cat-person who gets pissed off at everything. You know, the kind of person who looks like they're 64 years old when they're really only 45. Over the last 48 hours I've had to examine my feelings on this.
        I think it's a bad idea to cut people out of one's life that are close to you. I know there are totally exceptions. Like if you have a family member for is physically abusive or is constantly lying and stealing from you. I can understand that. If it's something that is philosophical in nature, political in nature, or even just a different world view, then we enter into tricky territory. Then we enter the game of Post-Modern Magic Football, that's the game where you keep moving the goal posts in every situation in life so you feel you're always winning, or feel like someone is always cheating you. Either way, it's built off of perception and not you know that's got to be good for everyone right?
        Well this week I'm going back on my views of this and I've unfriended a few people in the Denver Comedy Scene .Why? My thoughts, feeling, and perceptions is that these people will cling to their ideals to avoid making a choice of what is right,wrong, or in the gray area of the dreaded in between. In other words, they are not adults who can be trusted.
        You ever wonder why honor is important? Why it was created? Why it's a concept that has endured for centuries? If you've never had to use it, you wouldn't know. It's a form of value in one's word, thoughts and intentions.
        There is a reason why one's word means something. If I say "I give you my word" and then lie to you, then my word no longer has any value. Other people will not trust me and thus my value in that community has gone down.
         The dust up in the scene this week had to do with one comic making a statement about another comic in a way that can be very damaging to one's career. The fact that this statement that I believe to be a falsehood was said in a secret group didn't make things any better. While these things did not involve me directly, they involved one of my friends and a regular on my show. So what do I do?
         I make a choice not to do business with people who make statements that are untrue about another as well as the people who condone such actions. This sucks because this means they're are a lot of rooms and shows that I wont be trying to get on. That means less exposure as well as money. Some things are more important than others.

         The other reason I unfriended people this week is because they say stupid self-righteous bullshit and the fact that I barely know them means I don't have to give two shits whether they live or die. One in  particular had the provocative thought of not supporting an artist who is a shit person because their work is so good. What a big umbrella to through so many tough questions under! No need to think about this on a case per case basis! John Lennon and Bill Cosby can both be cancelled!
         There are plenty of reasons to love and hate many people. The whole statement of that person felt like a virtue signal to me, of which I choose to respond accordingly. "If you don't believe the way I believe then you can unfriend me now!"
        If you insist ....future cat-person.

Till next time Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!