Monday, September 3, 2012

It's 3 AM yet I'm not lonely

Morning Party People!
         I woke up just before 3 am and it seems I have to whole world to myself. I'm thinking about the past few days and the subtle impact they've had on the world of me as well as DisJointed Productions. At this point those two things are mostly the same thing but I know that at some point they won't be.
         This Saturday my cousin,his fiance, and I filmed our first event that we got paid for. I've gotten paid for a few jobs previous to this but this was something much bigger than I had previously done. How did it go? It went as well as it could given where we are at in this new career. Did we make mistakes? Yes we made a few, I had my camera on the wrong setting for a bit but in the end we still go the footage that we needed to. There was a little issue on how we wanted to get some footage but I think a lot of that comes from my cousin and I being used to being the only camera men on the scene. Meaning that we got to learn how to work with multiple cameras.
          "I can't do this all by myself"
         At the end of the evening I was exhausted which was weird seeing as Tasha (Jim's Fiance) worked harder than both of us. As I was driving home to my sweetie I had such a wonderful feeling come over me. I remember that saying that goes by "If you find something that you love to do then you'll never work another day in your life", well that night we got paid to learn and we got paid to create and I've never been so happy to be so tired for something that did not feel like work.
         "I might not have to do this by myself"
         This Sunday Jennie and I went to a pool party that was thrown by our friends Stevie and Michelle. Stevie was nice and gracious enough to cook some barbecue for us and as always made us feel more than welcome. Our buddy Rick was also there, Rick is a guy I've known for years but I'd say that I didn't really get a chance to get to know him until a few years ago. He's also one of the best musicians I've ever met, both him and Stevie are two of the best guitarist I've had the pleasure to call friends in this life. I had asked Stevie to help me out with a song that I've been stuck with for a while. Stevie asked Rick to jump in and throw his two cents in as well and  I was hit by two emotions.
         The first one was worry as I feel I might be wasting their time with something that was on my mind. The other was gratitude because I have a tendency to forget that I have friends that are always willing to help out. I'm going to try and shoot for a Tuesday or Thursday to work out this song that's been stuck in my skull.
          "Why do you think you have to do this all by yourself?"
         That night Jennie and I were holding each other why we were in the pool. We'd look up to the stars and then into each other's eyes and I felt at peace. There are moments in my life that are so special, so intense, so important that I can't imagine my life being the same without them. Tonight I felt that way about Jennie being in my life. She's everything I've always wanted, even more so for all the things I didn't know I did.
         " You'll never have to do all this by yourself Dave"
         I tell you Party people, this world can be shitty, it can be cruel but if you work on yourself enough it all starts to make sense in the most beautiful way!

Till next time Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

This is it!

Tonight's the night Party People!

            Tonight DisJointed Productions will be filming what hopes to be the first of many quinceanerras! We did the rehearsal yesterday and we have some great ideas of moments we'll be wanting to shoot and all in all I think we're ready.

            It's been a tough years for DisJointed Productions but at the end of it we've become stronger for it. We have a ways to go before I can feel comfortable saying we're a success but I can say I feel much more comfortable confronting anything that comes our way!