Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy World Sexxxy Day everyone!

Happy Sexy Day!
           That's right, you heard me! I said Happy World Sexy Day because today is the day we celebrate the sexxxy with a triple xxxy in us all!
           "But Dave , what is World Sexy Day and how would I even take part?"
           It's simple really , today before you step out of your front door you put a little extra effort in your appearance, For some of you this means a little extra time on your eye make up, for others you might spend more than ten seconds brushing your teeth (you dirty bastards)! The point is that World Sexy Day is a day to realize that no matter what you look like or what faults you might have, wether your boney/skinny or tubby as hell, that there are people out in the world who want to bang you like a screen door in a hurricane!
           World Sexy Day is celebrating being open to the world of sexy possibilities!
           "Hey Dave, isn't this also your birthday?"
            Yes it is, I'm trying to turn it into a holiday,shut up !
Stay Sexy Party People!
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