Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 7 waking up late

Morning Party People,
            I imagine that these blogs are becoming less and less interesting to read, sorry about that. Unfortunately for all of us I'm not writing these for entertainment but more so to build a writing regiment. The more I don't want to write, the more I force myself to. There are some that say that creativity shouldn't be forced, much like exercise. Up until recently I would be inclined to agree, so would my fat ass.
            So here I am, plugging away, trying to get the thoughts in my head on this screen, So what should I talk about? How about music?
            I've bought two albums in the past week so far. Branches by Radical Face and Girl Talk by Kate Nash. The branches I loved instantly as it's more of the same from radical face yet far deeper, they do such a great job of painting a rich picture to explore via sound, I highly recommend it, espescially if you like to get high.
            Girl Talk is definatly growing on me! Kate Nash has gone in a new direction from sweet angst ridden gal to a sweet agnst/angry/fierce gal. Meaning she has dealved into some punk roots that meshes well with her melodies. I'm glad I gave this album a chance as at first listen I wasn't too thrilled with it, I guess I thought Kate had left what made her so great behind. She hadn't, she just grew into a richer artist and it shows in her music....and no I'm not just saying that because I want her on my podcast =P
           I love this world so much and most of the people in t, I truly do, perhaps I should say that more....

Till Next time Party People
Keep on a chooglin!

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