Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 4 Results!

Morning Party People!
         I almost left the house before writing this blog. Money is always on my mind the moment I wake up, I'm not liking it either. There is a bunch of things I'd rather be in my head when I wake up, my sweetie, my art, hell I'd prefer being excited about hanging out with some of my friends. Instead I think about how much money I hope to make today.I can see writing these thoughts out that my priorities are mixed up.
         I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan's podcast, I find myself agreeing with a lot of the ideas he talks about but every now and ten he says something that rubs me the wrong way. It was something to the effect of - if you're pissed about the money you make it's because you don't want to see that it's probably all the money you deserve. Is that true? Am I destined to be poor my whole life? Is anything ever going to get better. Am I stuck in a shitty year in high school that's never going to end?
        I was bummed out when that idea came into my head, I had to fight the idea, to keep it from coming a fact that I felt about myself. I think that idea was already in my head, it was just hiding. So was this all I deserved? Well what actions do I take to warren the income I bring in? Am I working as hard or as smart as people who make more than me? No, no I'm not.
        Ok so at least I have some truth now, what's the next step? Make a plan, take some action. I'm pleased to say that that ball is already rolling.
        I started this blog, or this dailly blog so I could get in the habit of writing on a daily basis, last night after Jennie went to bed I stayed up for a bit so I could write. I finnaly got a bit that I'd been half assing for a year now on paper and I think I've got a direction for it to go, I can't wait to try it out tonight at the open mic!
        I think the more I work like this the more I will deserve (at least to myself). Only time will tell!

Till next time Party People,
Keep on a chooglin!

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