Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 10 a special holliday!

Morning Party People!
                I'ts 10 am so I'm writing a little late. I got up and started driving this morning to tranasport people to and from where ever they need to go I noticed that it must be a very special day this morning.
                I guess it's ,"Drive like an A-Hole Day"
                Ok enough about mundane bitching about my lame income. I had a weird night last night. I hit the open mic and did the new bit, it went ok but thats not what stuck with me. The host made a joke when I went up on stage and said that I look like Meatloaf (the singer). I thought it was funny and laughed because I know her well enough to know that she was doing what comedians do, she saw someting and made it funny. I reacted by pretending to sing like meatloaf from Rocky Horrow and then we all moved past it. What I didn't know is that she took a pic and posted it on FB with the caption, Meatloaf came in to do a set tonight. Again, I thought it was funny.
                Now I'll say this here because because writing and being honest with myself is what this blog is about but I wouldn't never say this on a FB thread because it would kill the joke. I haven't felt bad about my weight for awhile but seing people that I didn't know making fun of me kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I've been thinking a lot about it. Maybe I'm not as comfortable in my own skin as I thought I was?
                In an unrelated post another tubby comedian posted how he just ran five miles, good for him. This also upset me, but for obvios selfish reasons. I need to spend some time thinking on this....

Till Next Time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!

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