Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Longmont Files Day 5: Getting a bead on CO living.

Morning Party People!
    Wow, what a day yesterday! I think I’m getting the hang of this happy thing. Perhaps I’m getting more and more comfortable with Jennie’s family. To be honest there’s a big part of me that would love to call them my in laws someday. That’s in the future though, this is now.
    Jennie’s Dad came to join us yesterday, Jerry is his name. We’ve talked a little bit here and there but I don’t think I’ve really gotten a chance to spend some actual time with him until now. He’s a wonderful guy, a minister for a biker church,volunteer for a homeless shelter, and all around great guy.
    We went to downtown Longmont to do some shopping, we started at a vitamin store which was more like a Sprouts or a Whole foods as most of the store was raw food items as well a supplements. The people thats worked there were all super friendly. It was filled with two types of employees, either it was a young person with a collections of tattoos and gauges or it was a 60 year old hippie with what looked like a protein deficiency. No matter which everyone was real happy and nice, that was until I asked if they carried corn syrup for a pecan pie Jennie was going to make. I’d rank that up with when I asked an Amish pie vendor if they took debit cards. It’s when you don’t intend to be a dick but end up being one anyways that makes it all so funny.
    Next we walked down the main street of Downtown Longmont which is a collection of varied privately owned businesses. I was in heaven! It’s great to see so many people take their ideas and form them into a tangible business, I live in AZ where they talk about that concept a lot but I rarely see it with in the city limits. It’s in the cities or Arizona that the corporations rule the dreams of the american entrepreneur, yet somehow here in Colorado the individual still holds some sway. For instance we went to a bead lounge...a bead- Ok this is how much I love my gal Jennie. I went to church,a Richard Marx concert and a fucking bead store for her, but I digress.
    The rest of the day had a taste of discovery that has yet to leave either of us. Today we’re going to look at apartments as part of our continuing research of transplanting to CO. I’m pretty excited about it, the thought of starting a new life has been with me ever since my marriage ended. Seriously I’ve wanted to move to another state and start over for years now. The main reason I haven’t yet was that I didn’t want to move to get away from my problems, well that was then, this is now. I’m the person I  want to be as opposed to the guy I ended up being and I can feel the urge to move deep in my veins.
    So I hope to find something exciting today, I hope you find something exciting in your day too, so till next time Party People,
    Keep on a Chooglin!

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  1. A Richard Marx concert? Suppose some time you have to hold on to the night