Friday, December 28, 2012

Late night Musing, thoughts and hearts Fusing

Evening  Party People!
             Once again I'm writing from the skull that resides in the Dave Cave circa 2000 and now. Hey does anyone have something profound to say? Some thought or idea that's going to forever launch us into the essence of History? Perhaps make a wave so great that even another Ice Age wouldn't dare touch your immortality! It would be much like who ever made the Pyramids only with a much better slide show So anyone? Nope? Me neither.
              It's depressing isn't it? To not have the great idea? To not be "The One". It's something that all of us in our thirties have to some to realize. How did you deal with it? Did you have a family? A career that you wanted? A loving soul that loves you more than you could have ever imagined? I hope all of you have at least one of these, if anything all of us deserves a little happiness. If you had asked me a few years ago I would have said I had none of these things. That's why that desire to do something great always plagued me. I used to feel that it's the weak people in this world who have it easy, in the respect that they are truly powerless to change their lives. People who have a bit of resolve have no excuse, if our lives suck ass deep down we know it only does so because we let it.
              Like I said if you had asked me a few years a days I have most of those three things I had just mentioned. The thing is the closer that I get to what I want the truth becomes clearer and clearer," I need to step up and be the person who I wished I had known."
              Holy shit does that sound egotistical! Man I didn't think I could come across that douche-like in a blog but there you go. I wonder what I mean by that? I have an idea but it's a little foggy right now. Ok How about I start by describing the person who I'd always wanted to know.
              I always wanted to know someone who's encouragement I trusted. You see this is how I dismiss all the warm wishes that had been thrown my way over the years. It basically comes down to anyone who wasn't already in show business that wished me well I completely took for granted. Horrible to write I know, even worse to realize, trust me on that. You see I'd always wanted that buddy who was already a hit who knew what it took to make it tell me that I had what it took. You see that way I could take those in my life who love me for granted while at the same time completely undermining the need to believe in myself! Tada!
              I'm not writing this for sympathy, the point of this blog tonight was more of a proclamation. I'm going to be the friend that I always wanted to have. Nothing against my friends past or current. This has to do with pushing myself in a specific direction on a path to self improvement. I feel like I have a vault full of everything I've always wanted in life, meaning a vault of wants. Well it's time I turn those around and give those things I desired away to other artists out there in the net or ether.
              It might take some doing but I think I'm going to keep working on The Haven idea. I've seen t work before , I just need to figure how to give it life here o the net.
              Time for another baby step!
Till Next time Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!

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