Saturday, January 5, 2013

The first week is over!

Morning Party People!
               Wow what a week it has been! Frankly this week has been kind of sucky or at least suck-like in it's content yet somehow I still feel positive about the future. Some of you may call that being delusional but I can that being an optimist...that might be delusional.
                I have had a cousin that had to go to the hospital, been scammed twice for a total of 90 bucks on a night shift, might be charged for some damage to a cab that I may or may not have done, and on top of all of that there are dishes in the sink that still need to be washed! I tell you it's raining anvils and the only thing there is for lunch today are shit sandwiches. Could you imagine if you work place actually served shit sandwiches to the staff? I mean they would have to keep them away from the other food items but everyday at the commecary you'd see that one employee at the end of the line...serving shit sandwiches.
               "Hey Bob, whose the guy on the end of the lunch counter, no one ever goes over there."
               "Well Tom, that's Mike. He's the guy who serves shit sandwiches."
                "Are you kidding me? Bob who the hell would ever buy a shit sandwich?"
               "That's the thing Tom, no one buys them, they find their way to you one way or another." Just then we hear a woman in the lunch room violently spit out her sandwich while screaming.
                OK, enough about snack food. How about some good news! The good news is that I have a great gal in my life, I have a new project that I'm working on which I hope to share with you all very soon. I have an interview for a new job next Wednesday so hopefully I won't be having to drive these cabs for very much longer. With anew job and stable income I can devote more time to things like performing music as well as comedy! I did another open mic this week and I even brought my cousin a long. I had such a blast just hanging out with the other comics and shooting the shit with my cousin that I barely noticed my time on stage. Incidentally I think I'm getting better at stand up, I have a long way to go but I can feel it in my gut that I'm getting better.
               Till Next time Party People,
               Keep on a Chooglin!

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