Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Starving Battle , or Why I love Gun violence!!

What's Shaking my fellow Americans and cants!
              It's that time of the year again, election season is apon us, or at least according to the memes on Facebook it is!
              Wait? It isn't? The election was over months ago? If that's the case why do I keep seeing words like socialist pass by my feed every other post? I thought we were over being against each other on a philosophical nature and were back to just being Americans.
              I guess not, what are we fighting about anyways? Oh yes , guns. Gun control, gun laws,gun rights, and while you're at it get off my lawn hippie. Ok I get there are some real differences in how we all feel about this but can we get back to what we do agree on? I'm pretty sure that even the most die hard gun owner doesn't want to see a bunch of innocent people get shot up. I'm also pretty sure that there are a bunch of responsible gun owners who doesn't want there rights trampled on because of a bunch of a-holes can't handle their shit.
               So why can't we get past this? I think it's because once again the powers that be found out that they can use a wedge issue to amp up ratings and sales without an election going on. Do you get it? This means that angry achy feeling in your gut that comes up when the news talks about guns will NEVER GO AWAY!
               As long as the corporations who run the media outlets can keep us fighting each other we will never have any peace in our lives. Keeping us scared means keeping us glued to their networks. If we stay glued to their networks they can keep selling ad time. As long as that ad money rolls in then it makes sense to keep us all scared!
               It's the same shit over and over again. Shit I even seen two posts about Jane Fonda this week and how much every American should hate her. You know what I rarely see on Facebook? This story:

               I just want to pull my hair out sometimes ><

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