Sunday, December 9, 2012

"In a row?" or "I'm Firty seven, I'm not old"

Morning Party People!
              So today is the day, yes Dec 9th is here and I'm another year older. Thirty seven indeed sir!
              Last night Jennie and I went out and had dinner at a place called Switch in Central Pho-town, a place where most of the staff had done just that! It was posh, classy, much to classy for a guy like me these days but the let us in regardless, so props to them! Holy shit does anyone say props anymore? Even my blog is sounding like old man ><
              The food was tasy so were the drinks, I can't remember what I had for my beverage but I can tell you it was tasty and strong, like most of the staff now that I think about, I'm telling you this place had it going on =)
              Were joined by Nick and Andy. Nick is Jennie's older brother and Andy is his main squeeze. It's always fun hanging with those two. Nick is a super cool dude and Andy is one of the sassiest gals I've ever met. We spent the evening talking about Nick's new dojo which will be opening next year for those of you who wish to expand your knowledge of yourself and learn the art of Wing Chung. Then we talked about some of the local theater and burlesque troupes and how we wish we could be part of them. All in all it was one of my favorite types of evening, hanging out in downtown drinking coffee at some hipster cafe and talking about art and the future! So for that I say thanks you guys because you made me very happy ^^
               Oh and before I forget, while we were at dinner Jennie slipped away to tell the server it was my birthday, when they brought me my birthday dessert I was filled with such joy! Seriously, no one has done that for me in years and for once in a long long time I felt like all those other people I used to see walking around own in their perfect little relationships. It felt good, it's something tha I want to hold on to for as long as I can.
               So that was last night, this is today! So what's next? Well on my wish list is to finish a "Coming out sketch" for the troupe. I'd like to work on Frankie's Story or at least the screenplay for it, perhaps I'll polish the turd known as my 5 minutes for next weeks comedy open mic night. I think a few more passes at some of the jokes I've been working on and I'll be ready to start working on a ten minute set! I'm really excited about all of the stand up. If anything I really missed being up on a stage, it's one of the few place that really feels like home for me. Some of you out there had been there with me at AMDA. AMDA stands for the American Musical and Dramatic Acadamy for those of you who aren't aware. It's so funny because back then I hated going up on stage mainly because I was usually unprepared, like some of my friends who were in class with me. These days I still hate to go up when I'm in the same boat, mainly because I feel like I'm really cheating myself when I try to slap someting together last minute. Besides my performance is always a thousand times better when I go up prepared.
              I think this next year is going to be something really special. I had known that a year ago when I transitioned my life and my income from being a manager to being an artist that it would be rough. This year I found out exactly how rough that would be, I had almost lost my instruments in pawn this year, and many times I was afraid Jennie would look at me and say,"Fuck this loser I'm out of here!"
              Well I was wrong on many fronts, Jennie has been there for me in so many ways and she seems to see all of whats not perfect about who I am and loves me anyways, take that ego! Yeah, this is going to be a great year!
              Till next time Party People,
              Keep on a Chooglin!

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