Thursday, December 27, 2012

I got two things to say: Jack and Shit

OK so this morning I don't have so much to talk about Party People.
              So why the hell am I writing this? It's simple really, these blogs have become part of my morning wake up routine, or workout if you will. After I finish writing this I'll eat some breakfast then go for a walk. I used to take long walks everyday for a short period of time but then the summer hit. I know that's a cop out but holy moley does it suck trying to take an introspective stroll at 8 am when it's already 100+ degrees outside.
               Well it's a bit cooler out this time of the year so gone are any excuses to not get out there and walk off some of this tubby ass that I've been building up.
               I feel like shit because I keep missing ....I keep choosing not to go to any open mics for the past few weeks. It sucks, I hate myself more and more every week because I know that as crappy as they are there is no way I'm going to get better if I don't go. So what's the fucking hold up? I know I can be funny , I know I'll get a few laughs every time I go up, I know I get better every time I work out a joke, so what's the hold up?
               Well seeing as the whiskey that I put in my morning coffee is starting to kick in so shall my honesty. I've been trying to shed all the things about my past that I never liked. Now I know I can't shake the past itself, all I can do is work on the habits that have seem to come out of it. I rarely smoke anymore, that's a big thing, I eat healthier these days, that's another big thing. Yet some how my cowardice from the 90's still haunts me. My fear of not being any good.
               "But Dave, an actor who is afraid of failure? Please go on."
               I know it's true, they do exist  and yes its a self serving egotistical fear that's annoying if anything else. I won't go any further into any details for this because when it comes down to it, none of it matters. There's nothing to it but to do it.
               So how the fuck do we do this?
               I do have an idea! The Artist's Haven! What the Artist Haven is or was, was a group of artists who would get together to work on various projects in the same workspace. What this did was give a sense of camaraderie to a bunch of people who usually work in solitude. I found that it freed up a lot of creative energy and we always got a lot of good things out of each meeting.
               I totally could use another Haven but it might not be feasible for a bit, so what do we do until then? Well I was thinking of a Google Hangout. It's a video conference tool where we could all chat and even video chat. I'm curious to see if any of you out there in www world would be down for a hangout where we kind of only talk for a few minutes before we start our own projects the 50 minutes later we chat for a few more before getting back to work. Hit me up here if you're interested!

Till Next time Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!

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