Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot, now don't we all feel better?

Afternoon Party People!
             There has been a lot of talk on the internets about the failure of humanities in Connecticut as well as Oregon. I'd like to start out by telling you in advance that this blog isn't about anti-gun rights or NRA but rather a pro-America blog.
             What do I mean by that? Well I've always thought an ideal way of moving our society forward is to promote responsibility (Gun,drug,sex education) as opposed to taking away our choices (Laws forbidding Guns,sex,and drugs). Does that mean there should be no laws on these things? HELL NO THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEAN!!!!
             Well if you don't feel one way then you must feel another right? Right! Especially if you're an addict as that type of thinking coincides with the thinking of most if not all drug addicts and alcoholics. I know this as I have been in recovery (if not recovered) for quite sometime now. Black and White thinking is what they call it. Why do most addicts think this way? I think because we search for the easiest answer that doesn't involve any introspection whatsoever. That way our "Ego" can go on calling the shots while we live on thinking we're in control of anything.
             Let's try and confront this issue without renewing the cycle shall we? I'm going to through out some thoughts but I assert you that I don't have any easy answers on how to deal with all of this (I leave that up to us my friends).
        First thought:
            - as much as I would love for this to be so, I don't think taking away guns is going to prevent shit like this from happening. I know you would never want to murder a bunch of kids or innocent people in a mall but IF you did and you were going to do it no matter what, would not having a gun stop you? More than likely not, next time I bet it'll be a pipe bomb or some type of toxic gas. Yes guns make a massacre like this possible, had they'd not been there I think it might have been a different type of massacre....or maybe it wouldn't , I don't know.
            - as much as I think it would be great if it did, I don't think teaching about Christianity in schools would stop a bullet. I don't think the answer is in bringing back Divinity studies in public education. Keep in mind that bad people go to church as well. I do however think you have a good idea. My knee jerk reaction to seeing the FB posts on how God isn't in schools is part of the problem was to see is as ,"If you'd believe like I do then this world wouldn't be so fucked up". Now is that what people meant? Probably not but that's how I reacted to it. Then I thought, hey maybe they meant that if people were close to each other and cared about their neighbors like the way "we" do in our church then maybe the world would be so gosh darn gee willikers fucked up. I don't think they're wrong about that.

             Maybe if we cared a little bit more about our communities , our neighbors, our own street for that matter we might make a world that's far less hospitable for monsters. I can't control the world and save those poor victims, I wish I could, just like you all must feel. I have to accept that there are limited actions I can take that could fix any of this. Granted we have our elected representatives and such but what about the world that greets us when we open our front door?
             I think those cowards were trying to take two things from us. On one end they took the life from those we miss dearly, on the other they wish to take away the beauty we see in this world. They wish to take our liberty, our freedom, our joy of seeing our kids play on the street without worry of something bad happening to them. They want us to be isolated, alone, and worst of all for any American to be, they want us to be scared and scarred clinging to our hate filled righteousness. Well I say no! I refuse to accept the world is as hopeless as they saw it!
             I say I'm going to take another step outside and get to know my neighbors, I'm going to be connected to this world instead of isolated (another addict habit). I'd be open to any suggestions Party People.

Till next time,
Keep on a Chooglin!

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