Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whoa....Joey Lawrence Whoa!!!

Ever have one of those dreams that freak you the hell out? I just did. Morning Party People.

I'm writing to you about 5 minutes after I just woke up today. The reason for this is that I'm trying to see what comes out of my skull before my mind fully wakes up. Think of it as an extension of the time between dreaming and waking...and in some cases baking.

So the weird part was that in this dream there were three people in some room and we were trying to communicate with God. I put my hand on some piller which material seemed to change when I touched it, like it was tuning. Vibrations filled the pillar which reverbirated into music that only I could hear. It was a message of assurance of love and telling me to perciviere, that a chior sings by the rising tide and their song will be my armour. That and I was a silver which makes no sense to me...ok less sense.

As weird dreams go this one was pretty comforting. I mean if you ever dream about getting a message from God you'd hope it would be a positive and encouraging one. Imagie if the message you got was the same as if God was a drepressed 24 years old pot head talking to you while paying Modern Warefare and is getting smoked 4-18.

You : Hey God, sorry to bug you, just wanted to ask-"

God : What? hold on dude I'm getting my ass handed to me, fucking lag man.

You : That sucks man, I just was wondering about this new direction I'm taking.

God : Whatever dude, I mean people try right? What's the point though, only the lucky ones ever make it.

You : To be honest God I was thinking about making my own luck.

God : Like I said bro, people have tried....FUCKING CAMPERS!!!

Just in case you don't get the camper joke I suggest you try playing Modern Warefare online and then you'll know why the joke is really funny.

Whats nice about all of this is that dreams like these are not only a great sign for the future but also for my present as well. The last time I started having dreams like these was when I started The Artist Way which is a book about artistic recovery. One of the projects was called The Morning Papers which is when you write about three pages of random thoughts down every morning when you wake up. One of the effects of doing that project was that it seemed to open up sections of the mind  that are more receptive to (what I believe is ) divine inspiration, thus dream become more and more vivid.

Well I have two interviews today, one will be for a morning serving position or a line cook position at a resort, the other will be for an upscale restaurant in the Fashion Square in Scottsdale. Part of me is thinking of taking both for right now just to build up some extra cash. At least until my tax return comes in next year. I've learned to live modestly over the past few years, hell I stretched my last check from Host for like a month and a half. I could go on and on about all of this but when it comes down to it, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Last night my cousin got me in on a gig for the Phoenix Comicon filming the Q n A's and such. Aside from being a great opportunity this should be a metric fuck ton of fun! However, between now and then lies a shit ton of meetings and a whole lot of planning, all of which I'm looking forward to with a great deal of vigor and zeal...I could have just said zeal but for some reason I wanted to you to know that I'll be awake for all of this....that or the coffee I'm drinking is just now kicking in =s

Tell next time Party People!
Keep on a Chooglin!

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