Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Status of job search = DisSucks!

Morning Party People!

Ah so the search continues for the perfect part time job, one in where I make just enough money to get by while having to do as little as possible time commitment wise. I know that sounds lazy and perhaps it is but hey that's what happenes when you pay people just enough not to quit. This leads me to today's  story.

A few days ago I went to put in an app at the Doubletree Hotel. Now if you're not familiar with Doubletree they are one of the nicer hotels out there. So when I walked into the lobby I was emediatlly impressed by the decor, it said to me,"If you could afford this place you'd expect it to be nicer." Well to someone like me I found it to be glamourous.

I went to the HR department and filled out the app. I looked over the job posting and they had a part time serving position open.The HR gal was out to lunch so I thought I'd wait around to hand it to her instead of it getting lost in all the other paperwork. Turned out she decided to take a long lunch so instead of waiting around I went down the street to the Crown Plaza to fill out another app. Let me tell you, there is nothing more promising about a job opening than a front desk who absolutly does not want to talk to you about said opening. It's a lot like going up to the hot girls in High School and having them curl their lips and go ,"Ewwwww it talks."

So back to the Doubletree.

When I got back the HR lady was there, we go into the office where the lights came down and Barry White music filled the air. Ha! Kidding! That would be funny if it were true huh? Ok so she tells me that the position is for two days a week at 5 hours a piece. For those of you in the servingworld that translate to 80-100 bucks a week if you're lucky. I asked her who are they trying to get to fill the position? The answer? Someone who doesn't need it.

She then told me about a security position for their graveyard shift and what the job would entail, and to be honest it seemed like quite abit. I usually never ask this question on the first interview but I had to ask,"How much does the position start out at?"


I then stared into her eyes with a "Are you fucking kidding me?" look on my face. We both sat there in silence for what seemed to be hours, days even. Somewhere in the world a sun was setting on a sand dune where two nomads looked to the horizon pondering their existence. One nomad looked to the other and in their native tongue said  $10.25? He couldn't believe it either.

I politely got up and left chuckling to myself. I was thinking that it would be great if we could start a new trend at interviews where if the company asks you to work a job that has some danger in it but tried to pay you a wage that only a 21 year old with 4 roommates can live on, then we do something nasty on our way out,. My first thought was to slap who ever is doing the interview.Then again me slapping a gal half my size doesn't really make a statement of protest about working conditions and pay rates as it does of "Hey this guy is an asshole." I think they would want to interview less or tell their boss they need to up the starting wage, anything to stop the assaults. Then I thought promoting violence wouldn't be the best idea, then again I would love to hear the evening news issue a report like this:

"A new Wal-mart is opening in far there have been 15 arrests at the job fair, coincidentally a spokesman for Wal-Mart says they're hiring interviewers for their new store, at least two years of Martial Arts experience preferred."

So maybe another form of protest is in order. Maybe we just steal their pen from the desk or knock over one item on the desk. Perhaps the best way is after they tell you how little the pay is we look into their eyes and let loose a long fart, then say no thanks and leave.

So yeah I haven't found a new job yet, guess no one is hiring lol.

Till next time Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!

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