Monday, November 28, 2011

Get off mah lawn!!!

Ok so some of my more conservative friends might disagree with me on some of these points but hey it wouldn't be the first time and yet we're all still friends.

Ok so I just finished watching a video about how much Obama is fucking you out of your money, standard right wing bullshit and half-truths if you ask me. What really struck me as odd/insulting was the fact that shots of whiskey were used to make the point. To me it kind of said,"Hey Fucktards, listen I know you hicks were to busy getting each other pregnant in high school while calling you economics teacher a fag to figure this out for your self so let me use something you can understand, jack mutha fuggin daniels bitch!"

Ok lets put that video aside for a moment. This is the point or question I'd like to ask you. Don't you think it's odd that when we protest the war(s) the protest go relatively smoothly? When the people of Wisconsin protested having their unions busted the protest went without a great deal of violence. When the Tea Party came storming into town halls (or just showing up) and started screaming it went with out any violence (excluding Congresswoman Giffords) All of these protests were heated but the cops never came in to beat the shit out of people. Yet when we protest against the banks.... well there was the line we never should have crossed. So who is it that's really taking away your freedom?

For me I would say its the entity whose main motivator is profit. Is profit bad? Not usually, but when it becomes the main motivator in any company it usually kills whatever host it's feeding on. Paying you the lowest wage you'll work for is good for the companies profit. Making our food with the cheapest ingredients that offer just enough food safety to not get us immediately sick is good for the company profit. Offering the insurance that offers the least coverage with the lowest cost is good for the company profit.

I know there are a lot of people out there that want to believe they are an island and they don't need any outside help. For this I blame Rambo and every other bullshit 80's movie. No one is a one man army, you cannot take on the forces of evil with a light machine gun in one arm and a chain of bullets in the other. Seriously anyone who has played Call of Duty knows that. Oh and before I forget, playing High School football does not mean that you have a shot at taking on the Russian Army with a bow and arrow ><

I think of it this way. If we're all kids playing on the school playground. There are a bunch of "us" then there are a few big bullies. One of those bullies is called the government , these others are the Banks, Lobbyists, Military industrial complex, ect. Now if all of these bullies had there way when the bell rings they'd be waiting by the swings to kick the crap out of  us. The government bully however will stop terrorizing us if enough of us stand together and tell him to stop. He'll even go beat the shit out of the other bullies for us if enough of us ask him to. If we leave him unchecked he starts beating the shit out of all of us, so we have to spend at least a few minutes every recess to make sure he doesn't go all "special"strong on us and kill a bunch of bunnies.

Its the lesser of two evils really, but thats life isn't it? Nothing is ever the exact way we want it, nor should it be. We all have to contribute something right? I mean life didn't end at graduation did it?

Did it?

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