Saturday, November 26, 2011

Funny how life can be so unfunny at times.

Good morning Party People!

Wow what a day yesterday. It started out with me just getting ready for work, a place I really didn't feel like going. Not so much because of the job itself, but rather I wanted to spend my time working on my business. So I get in my car and when I turn it on I see the check engine light come on. Now with light comes on it might as well just say "You're fucked" because that's pretty much what it means. So I call out for work and head to the dealership to see if they can find the problem. Turns out it's an emissions problem that's going to cost me 400 bucks which I don't have.

Truth be told I could have gone to work after I left the dealership but I knew there's no way I'm going to have the money I need from my current job, I just won't. So I decided to start pitching businesses near where I live. I thought it would be great practice, there are so many reactions that I need to be prepared for and I got a chance to but my salesman shoes on again.

My first pitch went ok. I didn't get a sale but the guy was nice enough to talk to me. I had my pitch, he had his rebuttals, I had my counters but at the end of the day spending money isn't something he wanted to do. I was pissed about it admittingly. Then again once my ego stopped screaming I thought back about this restaurants food, his staff, and the decor and I realized that this guy probably doesn't like spending money on anything, in other words I shouldn't take it too personally.
That's an important thing, because I'm going to hear a lot of it before this is all done. I can't take the last rejection into the next business.

I was kind of bummed out for the rest of the day. Now in the past when I was depressed I was hardwired to either gorge myself with junk food, waste the entire day playing video games, or perhaps indulge myself in vice. I was tempted to do all of these but I ended up doing something else. I picked up my guitar and started playing, a new song started to pour out of me, well trickled anyways. It seems to be about the blues during the holidays that come around . I never used to get down about the holidays but over the past few years they seem to get worse and worse. I'd never would want to go back to my old life but I have to admit that there's a certain sting to spending the holidays with your own family one year and then having it all gone the next. I found myself this Thanksgiving thinking about every gal I've ever loved or been involved with and wondering how this Thanksgiving would have been different had we been together. In the end I found that I hold more anger about some of my past relationships than I thought I did, good thing I'm an artist huh?

So in closing I started out the day with a bunch of problems and ended with a bunch of prospects. Now it's all about taking the next baby step to turn those prospects into solutions, I've done this before and I'll do it again!

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  1. I liked your blog :) I wish you nothing but happiness and love my friend :)