Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Times are a Changing!

What's shakin Party People!

Welcome to my new blog! Since the last time I wrote I noticed that after I was finished writing I had to post what ever it was that I wrote to about 4 blog sites. So now I think I'm just going to focus on this one site and see how it goes for the time being.

A lot of things have been changing for me over the past few months. I'm happy to say that at the center of this maelstrom of chaos was me forcing and pushing these changes into place. I don't say this to boast , I only mention this because I feel a sense of pride when it comes to moving my own life in a new direction. Usually I did how most of us do when it comes to things like this. I waited and waited for something big to happen that would propel my life further. Well I got tired of waiting so I made the move. The cool thing about it all is that if this whole new direction goes swirling around the bowl then I only have myself to blame, I'm fine with that...this is me.

So I have my two promo pieces ready to go and to show my prospective clients. I have my business cards ready to hand out. Oh by the way , if you ever are going to have some cards made do yourself a favor and pay the 15 bucks to have the cards cut for you. I did this myself the other day, the cutting I mean. Why? Simple, because deep down in my roots I can still be a stereotypical cheap ass Mexican who hates paying for shit. I learned my lesson though as all the business cards I'll be handing out are in the shape of a rhombus.

So I got home today and had a look around my apartment/office. The manager in me took over and was disgusted by how dirty my floors were. Did I say disgusted? I meant DisGusted. Ok so I went to go buy a new broom to sweep up before I mopped the kitchen. As I was sweeping I was amazed by how much cat hair was on the floor that I had never noticed until I swept. I think my cat Oscar was hiding it there on purpose.

He can be a real dick sometimes.

Well I after I finished the clean up I then used some carpet freshener on the floor and needless to say my place has never smelled this nice before.

Well that's it for now , till next time Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!

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