Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Midnight Filming !!

Before you ask the answer is yes, Midnight Filming Day/Night is a "thing" if by a "Thing" you mean something I just made up. I just spent the last two hours getting shots done for an idea I had a week ago. Truth be told I've been thinking about this for quite sometime. It's an idea I had awhile back, which was to wear my trench coat and fedora out in a neighborhood in the middle of the night.

Ok so is this some legendary idea? No ...well I wish it was but more than likely it's been done many times before and will be done many more in the future. What won't ever happen is my take on this image, that's what makes ideas so special, Many people can have the same idea but they're never exactly alike, there is always some element, some detail that makes it the creator's own. Take recipes for example. You can have 5 chefs make the same dish and each one will have a different taste to it even though they are using the same structure.

So this is my idea that I sent in motion tonight, I've shot a few videos before but this is something different as in much as I was the one supplying the content. This means that I'm putting more of myself out there. Now I know this is probably sounding bigger than it really is but I think this is one of those baby steps that I really don't want to ignore. You see as much as I believe that a lot of the divine inspiration comes from out sub-conscious I think a lot of our habits good and bad come from there too. So any time we take a step against our status quo of life we should stop and celebrate it. Is it ego? Is it pride? It can become that is we're not careful but in the end it's a reward system that tells us that we noticed that we did something good.

Think of it this way, you ever have an A-hole boss that only talks to you when they're pissed? More than likely we won't ever give that guy 100% and why would we? It's not like he'd notice right? Well if you're fortunate to have a boss like I've had that tells you when you do a good job as well as when you make a mistake you'd find that you'd break your back for him. We're the boss of our own lives in this respect and the sub-conscious is the worker we need to motivate. I guess all that time managing is starting to pay off ^^

So the footage should be imported in an hour or so, after that I have some voice over work to do as well as some music to put with it...and of course the editing =) With any luck I can have a video to show you guys in a day or so.

Till then Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!

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