Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Art of the Artless

You'll have to excuse me for today's title, sometimes I can think of something witty, other days it's all I can do to just think.

So how about some good news first eh? I start my orientation at the new job tomorrow! I'm really excited to work there, truth be told I always used to wonder what it would be like to work at that resort as I drove past it year after year. On top of that I might have a job at a super swanky place up in Sco-Town!

Ok so at this point in time I'm not living the life of a producer/artist but even still I'm miles ahead from where I started this whole change. I still have a few films under my belt and I have some open mic nights to look back apon (and there will be more I can promise you that). So where'd I end up after Host? I left a job that allowed me to pay my bills for a job that might have been able to cover my basic bills but in the end it didn't.

So here's me, rent is past due and I probably have a week or two before I start losing things like my phone and internet and what have you. I'm in a bad spot right? Holy shit, time to panic right? Perhaps at one time that's what I would've done but after going through so much shit I find that your mind will either say,"Fuck it, just give up." Or it says," I've been through worse, wake me when it's something I can't handle." Needless to say my mind chose the latter. Funny how I left a job I no longer enjoyed to a job that didn't seem to like me to two jobs that I hope will invite me in for coffee.

Hey did you guys see that movie "The Fighter"? I watched it for what was supposed to be only a few minutes but after two minutes I was glued for the duration.Christian Bale did an amazing job with his role. The relationship between his character and his brother really hit a chord with me. Funny how a movie can remind you of the best and worst parts or a relationship. It made me want to fly up to Montana and give my brother a hug. Now keep in mind that movie wasn't a direct comparison to my brother and I's relationship, it just had a lot of similarities.

I would have called him but when the movie was done it was like 4:45 am or something like that. Insteadf I picked up my guitar and started working on my new song, I figured it was the closest thing I could do to giving my brother a hug. Drew and I never were boxers like in the movie, didn't need boxing, we had music. The two of us sitting downstairs in the basement in Lucerne listening to album after album. When we had a new song to listen to or a new album we made sure we knew it backwards and forewards. It was down in that basement where I learned to appreciate music. That's where I knew deep down I wanted to be a musician too, just like my brother.

Over the years we have had our ups and downs. There were a lot of times we were there for each other, there some time that we weren't. In the end the only thing that really maters is that we love each other, even when "we" get in the way of that. You know as many problems as we both have I feel so silly for being so pissed at him for not taking his music further. It was important for me at that time to stay pissed at him for not moving forward, it kept my mind off of dealing with the fact that I didn't move at all.

These days we both are making strides in moving forward, well some days are strides, the others just steps. That's how it goes right? We can't live life in a catchy hook and chorus, it's verse chorus verse, ups and downs, just like every song I heard in the basement.

Not sure what else I can say tonight, so I'll just say good night.

Till next time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!

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