Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dark Secrets:Frankie's Story

        As is the case with all writers or artists if you will, there comes upon a time where an idea or story strikes a chord in our souls so deeply that we can't help but want to share it with as many people as possible.
        This story is about the Frankie, a bartender home from WWII who hasn't been able to sleep in two weeks. Night after night when he tries to sleep he is filled of visions of his long lost love Roxie begging him to come save her. Our story picks up when Frankie can't take the visions anymore and he goes out into the night searching for her. What happened to her? Where is she now?
        The closer Frankie gets to Roxie the more he finds out that the visions weren't just figments of his imagination, in fact his visions were far more...sinister.

        If I had to name a few inspirations for this story I'd have to say that the writing style of the new Battlestar Galactica was a big influence. Ron D Moore did such an amazing job at the character arcs in that storyline, it was truly an inspiration to watch. This next one might sound silly but Chris Avellone and his team of writers on the game Knights of the Old Republic II:Sith Lords really broke a lot of the walls that I had about storyline structure as well as character perception. If you can get your hands on the game I highly recommend it, the whole feeling of not knowing who to trust is a unique experience for a game, or even a movie or anything else for that matter! Last but not least would be the film Casablanca! Humphrey Bogart's Rick was the first anti-hero that struck a chord with me. There's something about watching a character go against his own interests or desires for something greater than himself. It stories like these that make me feel glad I'm an artist, so this is what I'm trying to make for all of you.

       I was talking to my cousin Jim awhile back and we were thinking of trying to make this story into a short film. Obviously this genre would lend itself well to film, it's been done before, it'll be done again. However I feel that we tend to lose some of the personal experience from a story like this when we "watch" it, listening to it in the realm of audio makes you a participant as well as a spectator, much like video games from people like Cliff Blazinski, Hideo Kojima or Hironobu Sakaguchi.

       I'm hoping that people who see this page and who read this post see something more than just some artist posting about his kickstarter. I'm not just about donations, it's about will and what we want out of this world. I often ask myself this question when I look outside every morning,"Is this the best we can do?" Is it? I think one way we can change our world is by pushing the boundaries of what we see and feel. Music does this for us, so does film, this is similar , only you'll be a part of it!

Thanks for your time Everybody!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Into the Great Wide Open!

Evening Party People!
          Well it was bound to happen at some point. For years I've been calling myself an Artist, it was only a matter of time when I'd get to a point and put something big out into the world. So here's me on the precipice of failure and glory and I've never been happier! I present to you my Kickstarter Project Dark Secrets:Frankie's Story
          I would ask of all my friends out there in the internets to lend a hand. While I wouldn't expect everyone to back this project I would appreciate it if you could share this link once a week or so on your Facebook or Twitter Feeds. Yes something that simple could make a big difference whether this project gets funded or not.
          I will searching down other avenues such as seeking out blogs or pages that deal with independent theater or old radio dramas and seeking backers there. So please don't think that I'm trying to rest this burden on your shoulders. As it is I'm just trying to get in touch with every facet that I have.
         Did I mention that I've been doing stand-up? I did two sets this week so far. One I did ok on, the other I ate a shit sandwich on stage. It goes with the territory I suppose. It would be nice if I killed every time I went up but if I did then I don't think I would learn anything. I think I feel the same way about this project. I know I'm in a learning phase at this point in my life.
         What do I mean about a learning phase? I mean that I'm in unfamiliar waters, I'm scared, I'm vulnerable. I felt the same way when I first moved to New York. I knew I was going to get my ass kicked but I also knew that I was going to come out on the other end stronger than I ever was before. Well here I am again!
          It's been a tough year, stepping away from the security that I had at HMS Host was not easy. For months I fought the urge to call and beg for my old job back. I had to hock my guitar, both of my amps and even my video camera. I think if it wasn't for Jennie I might have given up long ago. I can trace everything that she had done for me in one moment. We were driving home and I said that I thought I should go back to work at the airport and she said," I don't care if we have money, if we have to be poor in order for you to make your dreams come true then I think itt's totally worth it."
         What a gal eh? What a life indeed!
          Till next time Party People,
          Keep on a Chooglin!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vroom Vroom!....can someone give me a push?

Morning Party People!
                It's 1am and I just finished writing out the script for my current project which is.....::drum roll please::a kickstarter project for Frankie's Story!!
                That's right Party People , I'm taking the next baby step. I know this isn't the same as pitching a script to a studio but hey, it's a new world and I think Kickstarter could be a good thing for my story. I'll be filming the video tomorrow and hopefully I'll have it edited before I leave for the Open mic later that evening.
                Speaking of which, I think I'm getting better at the open mics out hear. That's not to say I've been killing, I haven't but I feel that every time I go up I learn more and get just a little bit better. One of my goals this years is to get a paying gig doing stand up, for how much? Who knows? All I know is that as much as I dig my part time work I know I don't want to spend the whole year doing either job.
                I was talking to Jennie earlier today about how one of my faults is I don't appreciate all the things I have in my life and that I try to show some sort of gratitude everyday. I was just thinking about how I wish I had been this motivated when I was in my twenties, maybe by now I'd be a professional actor or stand-up or whatever. What does it matter? If I had spent my twenties differently (or more productively for that matter) then I wouldn't be the artist that I am today. Meaning if I had started getting work acting right out of AMDA I don't know if I would have ever taken up writing. Had I not come to AZ back in 1999 I never would have met my friend Clay who got me into painting ,photography, and playing the guitar. With out those skills I never would have learned video editing so I guess in the end it all works out the way it's supposed to right?
                 I find looking back like that gives me solace in the choices I made. Give it a try sometime, only don't listen to The Cure while you do it, just trust me on this one.

Till Next Time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

::hic:: Um, you bet!

Evening Party People!
             Tonight's blog is sponsored in part by Kilt Lifter.
"Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale: Because F@*K that bitch who needs her!"

           So what's new? Well I finally have a new job. It's nothing too exciting but it's something that I've been looking forward to for a few years now. I now have a part time entry level position working at a uhaul rental center. It's awesome because I know nothing about that business and I have zero ambition to advance in that company! It's not a bad place to work by any means, as a matter of fact everyone has been super cool. I just now have a job that wont pull focus away from my other projects.
           Everyday is a great day to get something done! Now I seem to have an issue on keeping to a schedule which involves exercise, writing, music, entertainment and of course video editing. I think I'm going to have to start making a weekly schedule so I can keep on track. That or I have to get rid of my xbox.
           I've been getting a lot done when I don't have to go into my job, I feel better that's for sure, emotionally anyways. Physically I need to lose a bunch of weight, not that being thin will make me feel better, I just don't like not being as strong as I used to be. You see for a big guy like myself one of the few saving graces of being large is that you're more than likely stronger than people smaller than you (non athletes of course). As I get older I find that I can't do as much as I used to, I learned that my first week at uhaul as there is a lot of physical work in that job. There's a gym near by that's free for people who live in the community, maybe I should start there?
            It looks like I have a new habit to form, this is going to be tough as I hate not being able to east large amounts of candy at any given point in time. Oh well, tat way of living has never brought me the happiness I was looking for, all it did was give my the "happy" that I'd settle for.
            Another motivation is that my girlfriend has been losing a lot of weight, and if there's one thing I learned from watching all those weight loss shows, is that f your gal loses weight and you don't SHE WILL LEAVE YOUR FAT ASS!!!
            ON A NON WEIGHT RELATED ISSUE....HEY DID I LEAVE THE CAPS ON on? On a non weight issue I've been writting a lot more, most specifically the radio drama from a few years back. With any luck there might be some big news for the rest of the show coming up.
            As much as I'd like to sit here all day and write, there's an eliptical machine I need to hit up.
Till next time Party People!!!
Keep on a Chooglin!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Starving Battle , or Why I love Gun violence!!

What's Shaking my fellow Americans and cants!
              It's that time of the year again, election season is apon us, or at least according to the memes on Facebook it is!
              Wait? It isn't? The election was over months ago? If that's the case why do I keep seeing words like socialist pass by my feed every other post? I thought we were over being against each other on a philosophical nature and were back to just being Americans.
              I guess not, what are we fighting about anyways? Oh yes , guns. Gun control, gun laws,gun rights, and while you're at it get off my lawn hippie. Ok I get there are some real differences in how we all feel about this but can we get back to what we do agree on? I'm pretty sure that even the most die hard gun owner doesn't want to see a bunch of innocent people get shot up. I'm also pretty sure that there are a bunch of responsible gun owners who doesn't want there rights trampled on because of a bunch of a-holes can't handle their shit.
               So why can't we get past this? I think it's because once again the powers that be found out that they can use a wedge issue to amp up ratings and sales without an election going on. Do you get it? This means that angry achy feeling in your gut that comes up when the news talks about guns will NEVER GO AWAY!
               As long as the corporations who run the media outlets can keep us fighting each other we will never have any peace in our lives. Keeping us scared means keeping us glued to their networks. If we stay glued to their networks they can keep selling ad time. As long as that ad money rolls in then it makes sense to keep us all scared!
               It's the same shit over and over again. Shit I even seen two posts about Jane Fonda this week and how much every American should hate her. You know what I rarely see on Facebook? This story:

               I just want to pull my hair out sometimes ><

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Red Light Martial Arts: Cracking wise while cracking skulls!

Concerning my next project,

                       A little bit about my current project. I'm doing a promo video for Red Light Martial Arts in downtown Phoenix! It's a great dojo that has just about everything you need if you wish to condition your body for strength and speed. Nick Edmonds runs the dojo along with this .
                       I've studied martial arts in my youth, and to be honest it's something that I really miss. I miss learning something new, I miss pushing myself physically, I miss that satisfaction of knowing that my body is improving and getting stronger.  That's why I've started with some Tai Chi classes on Saturdays. Drop in classes ae only 15 bucks a class I believe but for those who wish to dedicate more time than just once a week there are contracts that will suit your needs.
                      Nick is a guy who dedicates his life to pushing himself as far as he can go in his art, not only as a student but as a teacher as well. I find this to be an admirable quality when one is looking for a teacher and I invite you to check out his blog or even a class (if you live in Phoenix like I do). You won't be disappointed, unless you like to give up on shit on a regular basis, in that case you will be disappointed but not in Nick, just in you!  =P

The first week is over!

Morning Party People!
               Wow what a week it has been! Frankly this week has been kind of sucky or at least suck-like in it's content yet somehow I still feel positive about the future. Some of you may call that being delusional but I can that being an optimist...that might be delusional.
                I have had a cousin that had to go to the hospital, been scammed twice for a total of 90 bucks on a night shift, might be charged for some damage to a cab that I may or may not have done, and on top of all of that there are dishes in the sink that still need to be washed! I tell you it's raining anvils and the only thing there is for lunch today are shit sandwiches. Could you imagine if you work place actually served shit sandwiches to the staff? I mean they would have to keep them away from the other food items but everyday at the commecary you'd see that one employee at the end of the line...serving shit sandwiches.
               "Hey Bob, whose the guy on the end of the lunch counter, no one ever goes over there."
               "Well Tom, that's Mike. He's the guy who serves shit sandwiches."
                "Are you kidding me? Bob who the hell would ever buy a shit sandwich?"
               "That's the thing Tom, no one buys them, they find their way to you one way or another." Just then we hear a woman in the lunch room violently spit out her sandwich while screaming.
                OK, enough about snack food. How about some good news! The good news is that I have a great gal in my life, I have a new project that I'm working on which I hope to share with you all very soon. I have an interview for a new job next Wednesday so hopefully I won't be having to drive these cabs for very much longer. With anew job and stable income I can devote more time to things like performing music as well as comedy! I did another open mic this week and I even brought my cousin a long. I had such a blast just hanging out with the other comics and shooting the shit with my cousin that I barely noticed my time on stage. Incidentally I think I'm getting better at stand up, I have a long way to go but I can feel it in my gut that I'm getting better.
               Till Next time Party People,
               Keep on a Chooglin!