Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Into the Great Wide Open!

Evening Party People!
          Well it was bound to happen at some point. For years I've been calling myself an Artist, it was only a matter of time when I'd get to a point and put something big out into the world. So here's me on the precipice of failure and glory and I've never been happier! I present to you my Kickstarter Project Dark Secrets:Frankie's Story
          I would ask of all my friends out there in the internets to lend a hand. While I wouldn't expect everyone to back this project I would appreciate it if you could share this link once a week or so on your Facebook or Twitter Feeds. Yes something that simple could make a big difference whether this project gets funded or not.
          I will searching down other avenues such as seeking out blogs or pages that deal with independent theater or old radio dramas and seeking backers there. So please don't think that I'm trying to rest this burden on your shoulders. As it is I'm just trying to get in touch with every facet that I have.
         Did I mention that I've been doing stand-up? I did two sets this week so far. One I did ok on, the other I ate a shit sandwich on stage. It goes with the territory I suppose. It would be nice if I killed every time I went up but if I did then I don't think I would learn anything. I think I feel the same way about this project. I know I'm in a learning phase at this point in my life.
         What do I mean about a learning phase? I mean that I'm in unfamiliar waters, I'm scared, I'm vulnerable. I felt the same way when I first moved to New York. I knew I was going to get my ass kicked but I also knew that I was going to come out on the other end stronger than I ever was before. Well here I am again!
          It's been a tough year, stepping away from the security that I had at HMS Host was not easy. For months I fought the urge to call and beg for my old job back. I had to hock my guitar, both of my amps and even my video camera. I think if it wasn't for Jennie I might have given up long ago. I can trace everything that she had done for me in one moment. We were driving home and I said that I thought I should go back to work at the airport and she said," I don't care if we have money, if we have to be poor in order for you to make your dreams come true then I think itt's totally worth it."
         What a gal eh? What a life indeed!
          Till next time Party People,
          Keep on a Chooglin!

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