Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Choc full of Lesbians!!!

Morning Party People!

Lots to talk about today! First off I'd like to say that I feel fantastic! I get to wake up next to a wonderful woman whose love I feel surround me at all times. Even more importantly is that I'm finally in a place where I can accept all these great things that have entered my life. Here's an example:

Last Sunday Girl in a Coma was playing at The Cresent Ballroom in Phoenix and I had been dying to see these gals play live for at least a few years now. Jenny and I had tickets and were ready to go but she felt ill the night of the concert. I felt torn as in this situation in many of my past relationships I would have stayed home so as to not have fun with out my gal with me. Wow when I write it out like that it seems pretty sad, I guess it is/was. Well Jennie said she didn't mind if i went by myself and in a bizarre turn of any of my relationships I believed her. Now I'm sure I would have had a better time if we had both gone but in the end I had a great time by myself and for that I love her all the more.

Oh about the concert! This was one of those special things for me as far as wanting to see something for so long and finally being able to be there and see one of my favorite bands play live was a dream come true. I know I'm making this whole thing out to be something bigger than it actually is but at the same time I'm making an effort to continually be amazed with this world. So about this band, if you happen to be one of the few people I haven't talked their ear off about this band you can check out their web page here www.girlinacoma.com . I felt a little out of place at the concert for a few reasons. You see GIAC has a pretty big lesbian following. Meaning that a lot of lesbians dig their music...not that they're all huge lesbians. Now I know this next part is all in my head but I really didn't want to come off as some creepy guy on the prowl in a bar frequented by lesbians, maybe if I was even chubbier than I am now and had the whole ponytail balding guy thing going...and was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, then I wouldn't have cared what anyone thought. Hey just in case, if you ever see me at 350lbs with a ponytail and a fat guy hawaiin shirt please get me to a shrink as I'm more than likely suicidal.

When I got there the house hadn't really filled up just yet as it was on a Sunday, only the true fans would be in attendance that night. The show started about 8ish which started with Sara Radle which put on one hell of a performance. Next up was Pinata Protest, if I had to describe this band I would say,"Imagine a Latino version of Flogging Molly!" I'll be honest people, I've always hated the accordion but after seeing how the lead singer made that lame ass instrument rock I've changed my mind on the whole thing. There's nothing better than seeing a band you've never heard of and loving every note that you hear as it floats,swims and darts through the air. Even more interesting as that I was standing just off to the left of the stage and it took me a few moments to realize that the the gals in Girl in a Coma were standing right in front of me listening to the opening bands! I wanted to say hi but then I thought about the whole creepy solo guy and thought I should just enjoy the evening as it is.

As for GIAC, as much as they rock on their albums they rock ten fold live! The best part was one of my suspicions were confirmed about their last album Exits and all the Rest. Now out of all their albums the last one is my least favorite. Not because I think it's bad it's just not as good as the others. When it came out I downloaded it and to my dismay a lot of the crunchy guitar was replaced with dulled down rifts. I know they were trying something different but the new tunes didn't really resonate with me. One of the things I thought was that maybe the producer didn't really get the band as they were and tried to fit them into the mold of the industry (cute,sexy, and non threatening). Listening to their new songs live convinced me of this as when I heard  everything that made me love them in the first place with all the ways their music has grown it made me hope that they make a live version of the last album (See Roger Clyne Reel to Real/Honky Tonk Union).

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