Sunday, April 1, 2012

some of My Favorite things ...

You ever find something so new, so cool that you can't wait to share it with everyone? I did, as a matter of fact about 80 million other people did too with this video.

It's a cover of a Gotye song which led me to search for the original version which was this


I immediately downloaded the new album and was in heaven. There's nothing like discovering new music, to discover new lyrics,sounds, ways of communicating. Music is one of the special things that really sets humanity apart from all the other life forms on this planet. Next to mental telepathy what other form can translate emotion from one body to another?

The night I downloaded the album Jennie and I went to drive around the city and listen to the whole album. This was great on two levels, the first being the album itself, the other was sharing it with Jennie. One of the fonder memories I have from my youth was listening to whole albums with my brother Drew back in Lucerne or with my friend Clay back at the 12st house. So to be able to do this with her was pretty important to me.

The next day I shared the videos with many of my co-workers at the hotel. Just about everyone was into it as well. I felt good about sharing this new awesome thing with people who would probably never have come across it! I was on a bearer of good news high all day. That was untill later that night when Jennie and I were watching New Girl via Hulu. As it turns out during the episode there were commercials for Glee and guess which one of the songs they'll be singing on an upcoming show?

Fucking young people ><

Till next time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!

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