Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another late start = another kick in the ass from me to me

Here I go again,
               No, a better way to put it is, here I am again. Feeling stuck,pissed off and broke. I hate when my life feels like this, espescially the broke part. Money is tight for most of the cabbies in Phoenix this time of year and there's nothing to be done about it expect to grin and bare it. I'm still working hard in that department so that's a good thing.
               What sucks the most, and perhaps this is why I'm writing this blog, is that I'm not putting the time into my art. I'll spend twelve hours in a cab but won't make time to write a new paragraph or write a new song. Out of the three thngs I said I was upset over Money is the only one that's not in my control right now. So time to buck up and stop being a whiney hypocrite!
               Baby steps fucker! It's the only way to get out of a rut, or so I've found in my own life. I took a step last night by going to Stand Up Scottsdale and hanging out with the other comics. Good people, all with the similar desires and that's to be better than they are. They have determination and I can see the sacrifice in their eyes, even more so the look of satisfaction after they've left the stage. It's the energy in my own life that I forget to pay attention to. Hanging out at the club if a friendly reminder to myself that I am an artist but more so a performer and with out that time on a stage my life tends to go off the rails.
               That and some of the comedians are even remembering my name so let's give it up for progress eh?
               The next baby step I took was writing this blog! One of the ideas that I've taken from the twelve step program is being aware of isolation, as when we get trapped in our won skulls we lose perspective on reality. So this is me opening up and letting you all know I'm getting in gear!
               Ok enough of all of that, tomorrow the 29th we have a great podcast for you! We all have a family history, a series of events that make a trail leading right to your very present.The previous part or element of that past is our parents. You know them as Mom and Dad. Tomorrow I sit down not with Mom but with Margarita and ask her about her story, her youth, her struggles and more so her relationship with her mom. It's a great perspective and even more so a great story and I know you're just going to dig it!
                Till nest time Party People,
                 Keep on a Chooglin!

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