Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crushed by Candy...or ...Enough with the Requests Already

Crushed by Candy,
            Confusion takes a stranglehold of the young girls breath as she tries to open her eyes and sees only the darkness.
            Darkness is the onlything that seems to be constant at the moment. Her little fingers rub her eyes and once again she ties to open her eye lids only to find the same darkness that surrounded her when her eyes were closed.
             Silence is the next feeling that makes itself known to her, it's quiet in this darkness, her fear gives way to memories from what she thinks was a few days ago. Mommy and Daddy were yelling again. She hated when they did that.
            "It's not my fault!", Mommy would yell to Daddy.
            "You think I don't want her back too?", Daddy would sneer toward Mommy.
             She knows they was a time when they were all laughing but she can't remember about what, she only knows there was once a time they were happy.
             Then she remembered she was once happy, she thinks back to when she was running in the backyard. She loved playing in the dirt, sometimes she would find squiggly bugs that Mommy called "warns" or something that sounded like that. Here favorite part of the day was when she heard a big machine pull into the front yard and moments later Daddy would come walking in the door. He always swooped down to pick her up and give her and Mommy hugs and kisses. Some days he would have candies in his pocket to give her, those days were always special because Mommy would sigh then chuckle,"You're going to spoil her with all that candy Dear."
             "Just some sweets for the two most sweetest gals in the world!", Daddy would reply.

            She starts to feel sad, for a moment she can see those special days in front her like an tv show. The darkness starts to give way to the light of the memories of her and her parents. She reaches out to touch her Mommy and the vision turns from what looked like a tv show , to a picture, then into vapor that seeps into a little heart shaped locket that lays at her feet. She picks up the shiney locket and holds it to her heart. A tear comes down her cheek," I want my Mommy."
            Light rises from the horizon revealing something...wonderful! There are mountains and fields all filled with such pretty flowers! As the light of the world moves closer and closer she can see all the bright colors in everything around her. There is a bush near by that looks like it has roses, as she walks closer and closer she saw somethingg strange. The flowers she thought were roses were really cupcakes! She couldn't believe it!
             Everywhere she looked there was candy and cake! It was a young child's paradise. A friendly voice echoed from above her. It was a very tall man dressed in bright colors. He tells her that a world of fun and adventure awaits her. All she has to do is follow the path to the end ad he'll get everything she's always dreamed of! She tucks the locket into her pocket and skips down the path eating candy all the way!
            Some where in a children's hospital, a mother and father weep over their child who is hooked up to a life support machine," I want my baby back", the Mother cries.

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