Thursday, November 24, 2016

List of things to be thankful for...

Evening Party People!
          I hope you all made the most of your Thanksgiving. I'm trying to just that as I write to you all. It's been awhile since I wrote to you hasn't it? Sorry about that. I could try to come up with some crazy reason why I don't blog anymore but it all comes down to," I just gave up on it". I think it's time to change that.
          There have been exercises that I've done to make myself a better person, both physically and emotionally. I tend to stop those exercises once I start to improve myself. I guess my ego is stronger than I thought when it comes to change. Luckily, in my heart, I feel that I'm stronger.
           That brings us to what we're thankful for this year. By the way, I was going to write this on Facebook but I figured I post this list where people would want to see it...meaning you all!

1. I'm thankful I don't always post my feelings on Facebook. There are better ways to use my angst besides throwing it out into the internet.

2. Jennie! Everyone needs a Jennie in their life! She's loved and supported me in ways I hadn't thought were possible. Sometimes it's way more than I think I deserve, then again its one of the driving forces in my life that makes me want to be a better person.

3. Family, they've given me countless hours of material!

4. All of the people who listen to my podcast! Every now and then someone tells me how they enjoy the show. Sometimes it's people who find it entertaining, sometimes they love hearing the stories of such interesting people who have been on.

5. Self awareness. I won't say that I'm 100% self-aware, if I were then I'd be a much nicer person. I'm grateful that I'm more self aware than I was pre-comedy.

6. Denver Comedy scene! You guys mean a lot to me.

            There are many other things I could go on about but at this point, my mind is starting to wander. One of the exercises I've been doing is "The Morning Pages". If you don't know what those are I suggest you read The Artist's Way. One of the things that I've been learning is that there is an old hurdle in my path that I'm not going to be able to get around. It's the last thing my ego clings to, it tells me that this thing is my greatest asset in my soul, it says my anger makes me invincible! Like it's some type of superpower that will fix all of my problems when it's needed. Sounds like a load of shit doesn't it?
             This time next year I hope to be thankful that I spent the last year confronting my anger, to see it for what it is, to learn to live with it and not in fear of it. This seems like a good journey to take, doesn't it?

Till nest time Party People,
Keep on a Chooglin!!

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