Saturday, June 20, 2015


Evening Party People!
           So it's a quarter to midnight here in Denver. It's Pride weekend and there is a sense of joy in the air, mostly due to all the people in the city having a great time partying...that or because of all the molly floating around. The point is that everyone is having a good time and I'm here at home clicking away at my keyboard , trying to find a kernnel of truth to type out on to the ether.
          I've found over the past few weeks one of the ways I  keep my spirits up is by creating "something" on a daily basis. I'll either make a video, write some jokes, maybe I'll do a workout, and of course I write a blog.
          Why did I call my company DisJointed Productions LLC? More specifically, why do I use the word Disjointed so much? What does it mean to me?
          Originally DisJointed was just a word that used a capitol D and J, for David and Jim (my cousin). We made a logo many years ago just for the hell of it, as if we came up with the name just to say we were filmmakers. I remember Jim made a Myspace page for the company, because back then you weren't a legit artist unless you had a Myspace page.
          We basically didn't do much or anything at all with DisJointed. It was a year latter and Jim was starting to work on his own projects that didn't involve me. I remember wondering if I should have been hurt by that but then I quickly came to the conclusion that our styles in film making were so different that the two of us working together for long periods of time might not be the best idea. Besides, I had my journey to start, and as much as we'd all like it, we can't always have someone with us to hold out hands on that journey.
          I left my stable managing job to start DisJointed Productions LLC, a company that made Internet videos....of which I didn't sell even one. Jim and I did land one good sized job but that was about it.
          Then two years ago I decided to continue a journey that I started years before, the one that involved me going up on stage and telling jokes. I knew there was a good chance I'd quit stand-up so I started a podcast to kind of make sure I was held accountable to my own dreams. I figured if I had an audience listening to me I would be more reluctant to quit. I was right by the way.
          Now DisJointed Productions LLC no longer sells videos, now it sells me. So what does it mean now? 
         I think the reason why it always stuck with me is because "disjointed" is how I feel most of the time. I always feel like there is another me living in an alternate universe, he's funny, successful , and is making the most out of his life on a day to day basis. Me? I'm kind of like that guy only not quite.
        I'm way more in touch with who I want to be, to that other me in the beta dimension . Still, some days I wonder if other me is getting impatient...

Till next time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!           

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