Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So this is me on Chirstmas

Happy Happy Party People!
               Yes I know it's Chirstmas, yes I know we should be all giddy with excitement, I think I would be as happy as I'm supposed to be if it weren't for this impending move and life change I'm about to make in 30 days ><.
                I'm tired most days, I try to drive at least 10-14 hours a day but it gets to the point where I feel like I just come home to sleep then it's off to work I go. I don't feel I should gripe too much as no one put me in this place but me, and depending on how good I'm doing I might not even complain about it at all. That seems to be the common denominator these days," how much money did I make today?"
                "The child in me is screaming right now."

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  1. The show Mystery Diners was fake, correct?