Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey who wants to be paid for their art?

Evening/Morning Party People!
          It's 12:30am right now as I click away on these keys. I should be going to bed now but here I am plugging away. I took a day off today, I felt guilty about not working the entire time that I should have been resting. Why am I so beat?
          I have a lot of things going on at this moment. I have a new job cooking at a comedy club in Scottsdale, I still work at a U-Haul center and when I'm not doing that I'm driving a cab. Then there's the  time I spend putting into my comedy act, that in itself has been rough as I still don't know what my act should be about. I know people say it should be about my point of view and stuff but Holy Crap is it tough to put a point of view on stage while being honest and of course funny. Then of course when I'm not doing that I'm writing Dark Secrets:Frankie's Story as well as promoting my kickstarter.
          I'm lucky I have a gal who is so supportive in my efforts, seriously not anybody can stand by me the way she has.
          This has nothing to do with the title so far, what gives?
          You're right, sorry about that. Ok the question is "Who here wants to get paid for their creative efforts?"
          We all do right? Of course! So how do we go about doing so? Boy I wish there was one straight answer to that question. So far this is what I've learned.
          - I've had to maintain a level of confidence that  I could produce something worth of value.
          - Once I'd done this I found it was easier to name a price on my next project.
          - Try to find people who understand the value of creativity.
          - Show people the value of creativity in a modest way that informs, not berates (This is tough for me sometimes)
          - Keep plugging away!
           I see you're goal on your kickstarter project is over 2k, what gives?
          I've always felt that sometimes you need to put out what you want to get back. Meaning I've always wanted to perform in a gritty drama, no one is going to just invite me to work on one so I wrote one myself. I'd love to get paid for an audio drama but I'm not aware of any in my area so I'm trying to make one. You see the 2K is for paying the talent, the engineer, and converting my living room into a sound studio.
          Talent =4, I don't count myself as one of the paid talent so I need money for three. The story is going to be over an hour in total so I'll need close to 30 hours per actor. The actors have bills to pay and I would never ask someone to give up a days pay for a favor to me. I figure about $100 bucks a day, industry people would tell me that I'm paying them peanuts.
          Engineer =1. The engineer will be working on this project about as much as I will. I expect to put 90-100 hours into the production, so at about $10 bucks an hour the engineer will walk away with a little over a grand.
          Sound studio . I'll be doing this via home depot and target. I'll need pads, mics, and a bunch of pvc pipe to get this done. I'm hoping to do this for a few hundred.

          So how does this pertain to me?
          To you personally? It probably doesn't, lets be honest. However it pertains a great deal to our community of creatives. No one is going to come along and just hand us what we want. The industry does put out some great pieces of work but at the same time it pumps out a lot of crap. So it's up to us to back the things we like, the stories we like, the music we like, the books and movies we like. Otherwise they tend to go away.

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