Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Longmont Files: Trading Places with an Ugly Me

Morning Party People!
    I’m writing at the crack of 11:00am here in the pretty town of Longmont CO.
Hey did you know I’m a bigot? Neither did I to be honest but then I went to a church service yesterday.
    Perhaps bigot is too strong of a term but I definitely was not as happy as the other people who were in attendance. I found myself being somewhat of a Faith Snob to be honest. While everyone one was singing with their hands in the air and eyes closed with huge smile on their face I couldn’t help but feel it was forced. That’s a horrible thing to say and I don’t like admitting it. I mean if it works for them and they believe they’re happy what should I feel anything but happy for them?
    Maybe it’s because I lack the spirit if Christ? Maybe I’m a lost sheep who needs a shepherd so I could back and rejoice in the glory of the lord and spend eternity worshiping and serving his majesty....did I even mention I was raised in this?
    This is going to sound so blasphemous and un-patriotic that I feel I should warn most of you. When most pastors talk to me about how Jesus died on a cross I get the same feeling in my gut as when an war veteran tells me he fought for my freedom. I’m not saying they didn’t but I need to look at their actions a bit more closely before I just take it at face value. something tells me that we as a people are far to giving of respect to all sorts or the wrong things.
    so yeah I’m still a bit wound up over yesterday, I think I need to meditate on these feeling a bit more before I write any further. So onto another topic!
    We went to see Richard Marx in concert last night. Granted this wasn’t my idea but I can honestly say that yes I had a good time. I’ve never been a big fan of his music but this guy can defiantly put on a great show. Jennie had a blast and all was well.
    That was until we stopped at a market to get some snacks and I said I was going to get some smokes. Jennie politely opposed this purchase in the kindest most encouraging manner, of to which I got all silent and ass-like. I don’t know everything but I do know when I should keep quiet so I don’t say something I know I’d regret. I apologized once we got home of course and all was well.
    There was one more part of the evening where we went out to eat in a nice posh restaurant and I’d love to tell you about them but fuck those dicks and their over priced,under portioned, and needlessly over spiced menu. Fuck’em hard
    So today we’ll be trying to think of something to add to the thanksgiving dinner while fighting off my nicotine withdrawals. If I can find a gluten free phyllo I think we’ll be in business!
    I know I sound pretty bitchy right now, its because I hate all this uncertainty in my life right now, then again patience is what life seems to want me to learn . I’ll be very happy once this lesson is learned as so will most of the people in my life. Thanks for being there by the way.

Till next time Party People
Keep on a Chooglin!

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