Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Longmont Files: Day 2 Leaving track Marx

Good Morning Party People!
    Another day in the Mile Hi Suburb here in Longmont Colorado. I’m having a blast hanging with my sweetie and her family. We all did a little sight seeing when we went to downtown Denver and had lunch at a great restaurant whose names escapes me but thats ok seeing as who the hell cares...really?
    The restaurant itself was pretty interesting as it sat about 100 people and was privately owned, all I could think of was if I were ever forced to work back as a manager that would be the kind of business I would like to run.
    We walked around for a little bit after that, I felt a little bad because our hosts didn’t know what to show us but then again we had no idea  what to see. After a bit we gave up seeing anything that would make us go WHOA(Joey Lawrnce) WHOA!
    However on the way back we did see something pretty special. Chris (Jennie’s brother in law) was pointing out a lot of the downtown landmarks as Sam(Jennie’s 7 year old nephew) asked question after question in case I missed any. I was a little preoccupied as my Sis was texting me about how her cat scratched my cat in the eye. As Sis and I were trying to find a solution and Chris was showing me the city I saw something truly great, a strip club followed by a seedy bar.
    We were getting into an artsy part of the city. I think we were on Collifax or something but the neighborhood was full of tattoo parlors  and coffee shops with the side streets being jammed with huge Victorian style homes. This part of town had some character, this said welcome to me.
    As we passed by these cozy three storied homes I imagined myself looking out of every window. What would it feel like inside? Where would we put my studio? What would it feel like to unlock the front door and walk in on a Sunday afternoon?    
    Could this be a new home? Could this be a new life? What would I be leaving behind?
    So now there are a lot of new questions that need answers but at least what I have now is some time to figure things out. It’s a cross between knowing the difference what is new and exciting and what’s good for us.
    That was yesterday, today is going to be interesting, we’re going to church and later tonight we’re going to a Richard Marx concert...yes I love Jennie that much =P
    I’ll try and put some pics up tomorrow,till next time Party People
    Keep on a Chooglin!

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